Why hair falls on his head

Hair loss in men occurs quite often in our turbulent days as the main cause of baldness is stress. Men experience all in itself, and it is not the best way affects their health and appearance. Fortunately, in many cases, you can avoid this unpleasant condition, using special cosmetic and medical devices buy propecia online.

Baldness or alopecia - a pathological hair loss, which occurs more frequently in men than in women, and leads to a noticeable thinning or complete lack of hair on the head or other body areas. The first signs of alopecia observed at the age of 15-25 years. The reason for this unpleasant phenomenon is most often nervous stress (stress) or chronic fatigue. Usually, the problem of hair loss is possible to cope with special cosmetic products, but often have to resort to drug treatments.

Most early stage of balding male tipustanovitsya visible to the naked eye even in adolescence - it confirms that the problem will inevitably worsen in the near future. In recent years, the deterioration of the environment, not the popularization of healthy lifestyle, including alcohol, smoking, regular stress, treatment of baldness for men required much earlier.

If last baldness overtaken the stronger sex, usually at the age of 30-35 years, but now, according to statistics, 70% of men patchy hair loss is already apparent in 25-30 years. And by 50 years the integrity of the hair retain only 20% of men. The rate at which hair becomes man is also inherited and can range from 3-4 years to several decades.

Causes and types of early baldness in men

There are many factors that affect the condition of the hair. Despite the fact that the problem of hair loss is characteristic for both men and women, for the stronger sex are more typical following types of baldness:

Androgenetic male-pattern baldness. This form of baldness occurs in 95% of cases, and the blame for this nasledstvennost.Dlya androgenic alopecia is characterized by thinning head of hair in the parietal and frontal areas such as young people, and in men. Inhibition of hair follicles due to exposure to a derivative of the male sex hormone - DHT, causing new hair stops growing, and the old ones become thinner, lose pigment and fall gradually.

Diffuse. This type of baldness is also called symptomatic because it is a consequence of some systemic diseases. In this case, the hair is thinning evenly over the entire head. There are two forms of diffuse alopecia: anagen and telogen. The first is the result of the death of hair follicles are in the anagen phase, due to the harmful effects of toxins, radiation, chemotherapy, and so on. And in the second case to blame the diet, stress, heredity, chronic diseases.

Alopecia (alopecia). The nature of hair loss quite specific: color formed oval or round bald areas with well-decorated edges. Alopecia areata is a result of a malfunction of the immune system. Provided the impetus for such a failure may be stress, antibiotics, antiviral vaccination transferred general anesthesia, and so on. D. This type of baldness occurs in no more than 3% of men.

Scar. This characteristic damage to hair follicles as a result of injury to the skin. This happens not only by mechanical action on the scalp, but also as a result of fungal or other lesions of deeper layers of the epidermis. Most often scar alopecia manifests itself as a result of chemical or thermal burns of the skin: the scar tissue is formed at the injury site, and the hair will no longer grow.

Among other causes of hair loss in men, no doubt, be called a lack of micronutrients, vitamins, amino acids - substances, "the builders" Hair responsible for his food. This is also the violation of the natural microcirculation of blood - circulation process, delivering essential nutrients to the hair follicle.

Considering the factors heredity, increased hormonal activity, bad environment and a healthy lifestyle, it makes sense to start taking care of the safety of hair with adolescence, especially if you feel the first signs of baldness - Emerging bald spots, receding hairline. The sooner you prefer to solve this problem, so in the best shape of your hair will remain.