Why do we get sick

From your attitude, ability to get along with him, attitude toward life depends very much team health. Just a few false beliefs can make you sick man forever. And to avoid this, try to avoid the following common mistakes:

1. Treat only local areas of the body. If ill some part of the body, most people focus just on it. The doctor prescribes medication and number of necessary procedures. And now look at the instructions in the drugs. Almost all of them have side-effects. As you can see, it is impossible to treat one organ without affecting the surrounding.

Faced with painful symptoms, it must be remembered that the man - a complete system that includes both psychological and physiological factors. By eliminating local pain, you do not get rid of it firsthand. And it can be a completely different plane. For example, you are suffering from constant colds, because unconsciously dislike their job.

2. Relying only on a doctor. Of course, it is much easier to transfer himself into the hands of an experienced, knowledgeable, licensed physician. But relying on competent opinion about your health, it should be noted that the doctor is always based on generally accepted standards. You are a patient for him, like the hundred men who were before you.

Before "sound the alarm" listen to your feelings. "It must hurt" - it does not mean "pain." No one better than you knows that it will be useful for your body. Inside every person there is a unique balance to which he was accustomed. If you break it, against the background of "default values" you can feel the discomfort. Daily to establish contact with his unconscious, please check back inward and diagnoses.

3. Considers that all diseases of the "bad environment", unhealthy foods, bacteria and viruses. This is perhaps the most popular reason for to absolve themselves of responsibility for their own health. But if you look closely, among the fighters for environmentally friendly products and sterility there are many people regularly experiencing health problems.

Many diseases occur before the external world, appear in the head. And before you look for the causes of their poor health on the outside, you need to dig in his inside. Think about what happens in your life, what do you think, what you afraid? It is your fears, anxieties, fears, and dictate further developments.

4. Put in the labels. Some people are literally at the door say: I - high blood pressure, core, allergies, diabetic, asthmatic. This is a dead end road. If you are currently set to cross, saying categorically, categorically, that you and no one will mind. On the contrary, the body adjusted to your thoughts, and you will get everything that represent about.

If you have this situation not satisfied, then immediately rebuilt. Think of their illness as a temporary inconvenience, which will soon pass: "I am healthy, but today a little aching joints." If you start to treat her illness as a process of flowing through you, then soon all your cells will be updated (approximately 12-18 months)., And you will return to a healthy lifestyle.

5. To fight the disease. Among people can often hear phrases such as "he defeated the disease", "we need to fight," "you can not give up", "he is fighting", etc. It is important to realize that the war on disease -.. This is war with itself. After the painful symptoms - this is not a declaration of war, and caring signal your body to malfunction. Rather, they carry information, protect you from adverse actions. All you have to do, it does not criticize, do not be angry, do not ignore it, and take the incoming signal, thank your body for their excellent work and to restore the balance in a close relationship with his own body.