Sunburn and breast cancer Nolvadex

Sunlight is beneficial to the skin and metabolic processes in the human body - contributes to the formation and accumulation of vitamin D, needed for the growth and regeneration of bone tissue and ligaments. Under the influence of sunlight and heat stimulates the endocrine organs (thyroid, pituitary and ovaries) and normalization of metabolic processes, increase immunity, stimulation of melanin production in the skin (skin brown) nolvadex pct.

However, sunlight and heat can have a devastating impact on the human body. If a strong exposure to sunlight and heat produced burns on the skin, prolonged exposure to the sun without the use of protective equipment can lead to such a dangerous cancer as skin melanoma. According to the World Health Organization in the United States for the year melanoma 32 thousand people sick and die 6 thousand 800 people. In New Zealand, 23 percent of melanomas arise in connection with high insolation. The highest death rate from melanoma in Australia - over the past decade 2.38 women per 100 thousand people die each year.

Especially destructive acts solar radiation on delicate breast tissue. Hormonal imbalance occurs (the ratio of estrogen and progesterone), thereby changes in the breast tissue and can lead to malignant and benign seals. In the US, breast cancer a year ill 177,000 women (1 in 8 women) and 44 000 women die per year, ie, every 12 minutes a woman dies of breast cancer. In Europe, each year there are 180,000 new cases of breast cancer.

Russia is the leader among female mortality by breast cancer.

Therefore, before visiting the Egyptian pyramids, beaches in Turkey, Greece and other tropical countries and the south of Russia, it is necessary to consult a doctor-mammologist and eliminate problems at the breast.

In identifying an ultrasound in the breast cysts, areas of fibrosis, localized adenosis, fibrocystic breast, fibroadenoma - need to undergo treatment to stop the proliferative growth in breast tissue and prevent the occurrence of cancer. And, unfortunately, abandon active sunbathing. This allows you to not have problems in the future in connection with the occurrence of cancer.

You should also consult a doctor mammologist women before visiting the solarium (turbo solarium), since often after a visit to the solarium women complain of pain and seals in the mammary glands, while an ultrasound revealed a cyst, tumor in the breast, which require conservative or surgical treatment.

In the normal state of the mammary glands or the initial stage of diffuse mastopathy without cysts, fibroadenomas fibroadenomatosis and no inclination to process proliferative growth can sunbathe.

In solariums there is established a regime that must be performed (tan necessarily closed chest, etc.), with any deviations from the norm after or during the sessions (the appearance of pain, swelling, seals in the mammary glands) urgently need to see a specialist-mammologist .

When cystic mastitis, breast pain, thickening, nipple discharge, tumor formation sunbathe and use the solarium can not be!