Short frenulum of the prepuce

Short frenulum foreskin - a congenital anatomical defect, characterized by shortening of skinfold connecting head of the penis with the foreskin. The presence of a short frenulum foreskin accompanied by severe pain during erection and sexual intercourse, the curvature of the penis in erection, premature ejaculation, the appearance of tears and ruptures bridle during sexual intercourse. Diagnostics short frenulum foreskin is based on the history and examination of the external genitalia. Treatment of short frenulum foreskin - operative, includes plastic or excision of the frenulum.

Short frenulum foreskin - insufficient length and a small stretch of the skin folds, passing from the foreskin to the glans penis. Short frenulum of the prepuce is a common abnormality of the male genitalia. In urology and andrology short frenulum foreskin occurs in 5% of men who have not been circumcised, and can cause them serious suffering on the physical and psycho-emotional level. Short frenulum foreskin prevents the normal exposure of the glans penis during erection, so it is usually first manifests itself during puberty and the beginning of an active sex life.

The bridle of the foreskin is a thin vertical fold of skin on the back of the penis, formed by the inner layer of the foreskin. It connects the foreskin to the glans penis. In normal foreskin bridle has a sufficient length, has good elasticity and can be stretched considerably, allowing free movement of the skin of the foreskin. During sexual arousal bridle easily extended, allowing the bare head of the penis during erection, and then return the foreskin to its original position.

Short frenulum foreskin is usually a congenital anomaly of the penis, and in many cases combined with congenital phimosis. The reason for the formation of a short frenulum of the prepuce in adolescents may lie in the different growth rate of skin structures and the corpus cavernosum of the penis.

Sometimes shortening the bridle of the foreskin may occur due to chronic inflammatory diseases of the penis (balanitis, balanoposthitis), leading to a change in the structure of soft tissue of the foreskin and the frenulum. Provoke scarring and shortening of the bridle are chronic injury foreskin obtained when doing certain sports, wear tight clothing and underwear. Diabetes mellitus is associated with impaired tissue regeneration process, can also contribute to scar deformation frenulum foreskin.

Severity of the symptoms of short frenulum foreskin depends on the degree of shortening of the skin fold. In marked shortening of the frenulum during erection noted its strong tension, accompanied by pain. The erection of the penis head is filled with bad blood is not completely exposed; the penis is curved, arching toward the scrotum of 20 degrees or more, which makes it difficult or impossible intercourse. Excessive tension of the short frenulum foreskin causes severe pain during sexual intercourse and leads to premature ejaculation. Due to the active frictions often appear injuries a short frenulum foreskin - cracks, tears and ruptures; the latest accompanied by heavy bleeding.

Due to the obstruction is complete displacement of the foreskin and the normal exposure of the glans penis, the presence of a short frenulum contributes to long-term stagnation of smegma in prepuce and the development of the inflammatory process. In men with a short bridle of the foreskin often have neurotic disorders, obsessive fear of sex (erotophobia) develops psychogenic erectile dysfunction. When laceration or rupture of a short frenulum foreskin at the site of injury formed a rough scar tissue; Bridle more shorter and even more susceptible to breakage becomes. Permanent injury short frenulum foreskin increases the risk of joining a secondary infection, including sexually transmitted infections.

Identify short bridle of the foreskin can only be, since adolescence, so the young men in puberty should consult a urologist or andrologist. The diagnosis of a short frenulum foreskin is not difficult and is based on an analysis of the patient's complaints and physical examination data of the penis. Early diagnosis of a short frenulum foreskin can prevent the complications of this disease.

The only possible treatment option for short frenulum foreskin - operative, aimed at increasing the length of the bridle. To this end, a brief plastic bridle of the foreskin (frenotomy), sometimes - the removal of the frenulum (frenulektomiya) conventional surgical and laser or radiowave scalpel. Contraindications to surgery are inflammatory diseases of the external genitalia, in t. Ch. STDs. Frenotomy is a minimally invasive intervention is performed on an outpatient basis, usually under local anesthesia. In the absence of previous breaks short frenulum foreskin suitable standard cross-longitudinal frenotomy, consisting in transverse dissection of the bridle and then suturing the wound edges in the longitudinal direction.

The operation was important to advance, not allowing independent break bridle. If it there was a gap, you need to stop the bleeding, treat the wound with antiseptic, apply a sterile bandage and immediately seek medical attention. In order to bridge the gap short frenulum foreskin made his suturing appointed antibacterial ointment and local baths with a decoction of herbs and antiseptic. If you have a previous ruptures and scar deformation short frenulum foreskin performed Z-shaped frenotomy allowing due to the zigzag shape of postoperative scar avoid excessive tension during sexual intercourse. When combined with phimosis short frenulum also held partial or complete circumcision (circumcision).

After frenotomy bridle length increases by 1-1.5 cm, its elasticity and sensitivity are maintained. Complete healing of the wound occurs within two weeks. During the postoperative period, the patient is able to work, but should abstain from sexual intercourse.