Sex and old age

The fact that sex in old age is useful, it is known from ancient times. In ancient Chinese philosophical teachings of the Tao says that sex helps to slow down the aging process and helps to extend life. Elderly encouraged to lead an active sex life in order to prevent many diseases men impotency. Taoists believed that the desire to have sex spouses who have lived together for many years, does not fade with time. On the contrary, between them there is complete harmony in sex, for the appearance of which requires years spent side by side with his second half.

Modern scientists have been a number of studies that have shown that sex should be regarded as one of the factors of longevity. It is proved that regular sex helps strengthen the human health. Men sexually active, less likely to suffer from prostate cancer, and at the fairer sex reduces the risk of breast cancer. Sex has a positive effect on the digestive process, improves muscle tone due to the rhythmic movements and muscle contractions.

Sex positively affect both the physical and the morale of the elderly. Thanks to them, the mood improved markedly and increased self-esteem. Besides constant sex strengthens the relationship with the partner, promote spiritual intimacy with him.

It should be noted that today's older people feel younger and paying more interest in the subject of sex than their peers twenty or thirty years ago. However, constantly dreaming of carnal pleasures, and to conduct an active search for sexual partners of younger and fresher - a deviation from the norm. Everything should be good in moderation.

Due to the results of research on the topic of sex in old age, it was concluded that a huge impact on sexual activity has a human state of mind, his mental attitude. In old age, it changes the content of sexuality itself. If young people are more interested in the number of sexual acts and a variety of poses in a more advanced age is valued intimacy. This is especially important for women.

Remember that regular sexual life is very important to maintain a love and desire to preserve health and youth for the human body at any age. Long-term breaks in intimate relationships are fraught with negative consequences such as reduced production of sex hormones, which can lead not only to a decrease in libido, but also adversely affect the condition of the body as a whole.

Do not think about age, have sex and be always healthy!