Losing weight with the help of water and how to lose weight with water fast

Water - a key element in our body. Without it, he would not be able to function. Therefore, losing weight with the help of water, though it sounds impossible, it is still possible. Man is water 2/3. It is even in bone (28%). Blood is made up of 92% water, 85% to the brain, the liver and 69%, kidneys 82%. It exists in muscle and adipose tissue, and connective and skin, even in the dental enamel. Without it possible metabolic processes, such as energy. That is, the more liquid we drink, the faster our metabolism. The liquid fills the stomach, creating the illusion of fullness, and the person wants to eat less. You drink the required amount of beverage than after, and before eating - and get a sense of already filled stomach.

We set a goal: Lose Weight Fast? Using water and weight loss pills as possible! Fluid splashed in the stomach, creating a feeling of satiety, so the appetite decreases and you consume a lot less food (ie calories) during meals. Water itself has a zero-calorie, but effectively improves metabolism, preventing fats from food deposited on your sides and spoil the shape. When you feel hungry, not necessarily immediately be taken for the meal and do bite. Suffice it to drink any beverage. After numerous interviews, the experts came to the conclusion that most people consume very little liquid. And what could be tastier and healthier for the body than clean drinking water ?!

How fast to lose weight through conventional water

To better understand how to lose weight quickly and correctly using the water, you need to remember a few basic provisions. Avoid drinks that have strong diuretic effect, they are removed from the body fluid you need. Drink daily two glasses of water before meals, for 15-20 minutes. And during the meal and after a meal should not drink within two hours.

Eat breakfast, lunch and dinner fully. That is, eat whatever you want (within reason, of course). Two hours after a meal - drink green tea or coffee (you can with lemon, the main thing - no sugar). But no-candy of cookies. Otherwise, you will wake up again the feeling of hunger, and you also set themselves the task: Lose Weight with water. So, it is water that should be the basis of the diet.

Liquid, use before and not after a meal and normalizes the process of digestion and helps to get rid of the extra kilos. It takes a certain amount in the stomach, and decreases the feeling of hunger and metabolism, after it got into the body accelerates. You stop to feel discomfort after meals (as it was before, when you drink with meals), exercise will be given easily, even after a day spent on the move, you do not get tired as tired before the observance of this unique diet.

Slimming with water - a method that does not allow "snacking". Even a modest morsel of food - it is still food and calories. Replace it with a glass of water! On the day you should drink no more than 2.5 liters - this is quite enough, with 4 meals a day. And if you are not used to drink so much fluid, start with one cup before eating, and then gradually increase the volume up to two glasses. On your question of how to lose weight safely with the help of water-nutritionist expert, first of all, to say that you just need to stick to the diet rules. And then a glass of water 20 minutes before meals will allow you to reduce your appetite and eat less calories.

Lose using tea, coffee and water

Another important rule: do not drink cold water. It should be at room temperature. The body spends energy to warm the liquid before it is learned, and fatty foods, which will go in the gastrointestinal tract after ingestion of cold water, is poorly absorbed the intestines. Choosing a technique called "How to lose weight with water," refrain from visiting fast foods. They are usually served sweet drinks with ice. This is a great way to make money. Cold water will reduce the residence time of food in the stomach, and you will soon feel hungry again that, despite the fact that the couple had eaten hamburgers. Such a diet leads to a rapid and permanent weight gain!

Drink tea, drink coffee. Eating outside the home, have a glass of drinking water or grab a bottle of water. So you do not harm your body. They ordered themselves "Lose Weight with water!" - Follow all these rules. And if the taste of ordinary liquid you do not like it, add to it a little fresh lemon or orange. Do not use the juice from the package, as it contains sugar.

Buying water, choose glass bottles or just boil it and pour the house again in a glass container. The plastic contains harmful substances, and if the plastic bottle warms up (even in the sun), they will start to move in the water.

We have tried to answer all questions on the subject, it is easy to lose weight with water. Sometimes even ask how many glasses a day should drink. The rate at all different, so drink as you want, more than you used to, but no more than 2.5 liters per day. Try to avoid carbonated drinks as they contain carbon dioxide, which causes belching and gas. it is necessary to you? Lose weight with the help of plain water! This is not an advertising slogan - it is a diet that will help you become slim.