intimate health

Sexual energy c person's age and permanent partnership in marriage fades, and the lack of a full sex life leads to a number of diseases. Unfortunately, we are harming women's and men's health buy levitra online canada and carelessly treat your body as a youth.

Chronic illness, stress, family scandals, bad habits, junk food, passive way of life and a number of factors - the negative impact on our intimate health. So let's look at how to keep and maintain our reproductive and sexual function and libido (sex drive).

A number of factors, which neglects the woman, can lead to chronic "female" diseases and, as a result, problems occur with the reproductive function and sexual desire. Some women libido is absent or very weak due to several factors: a strict upbringing, complexes, individual characteristics, etc. Medics have long proved that regular sex life is important both for female and for male organisms. But let's all in order.

In order to maintain women's health, only healthy lifestyles and proper nutrition is not enough. Observe personal hygiene measures, undergo preventive checkups at the gynecologist and other specialists, to prevent the development of chronic diseases (especially of the urogenital system). Experts advise to come to the gynecologist for a check at least once a year. Here you can get tested for STDs (sexually transmitted diseases through), to find out whether or not there is any inflammation or tumors in the "women's bodies", etc.

Protect yourself from sexually transmitted infections: they reduce the overall immunity of the body, disrupt reproductive functions, decrease in libido. Convinced the view that protection during sex should think only a man, leads to sad consequences after your health. Unwanted pregnancy and subsequent abortion - a terrible blow to women's health. You can not get pregnant then ever. Also negatively affect reproductive function repeatedly borne infections, diet, stress and pereutomlyaemost. Put a condom in her purse and carry - it takes a little space and help to keep your health in case of contact with the new man.

For those women who have a regular partner, avoid an unwanted pregnancy will help the modern methods of contraception. Which is better for you - tell the doctor. Frequent and quality sex (meaning both physical and moral satisfaction) - this is the best prevention of diseases such as fibroids and cysts. Women over 40 years of age and those who are on the verge of menopause, it is important to give your health even more time. And when the first signs of anger, irritation, excessive sweating, increasing pressure to see a specialist.

Tips to avoid chronic diseases, sexually transmitted infections, intimate abstinence, etc. They apply to men, too. Strong sex to save up to old age, male power, it is also important to eat right and maintain a healthy, athletic lifestyle. Therefore, women should pay attention to your loved ones: a man difficult to persuade to see a doctor or get tested.

Even if you have a great relationship, and you trust and do not change each other, like check-ups at least every two years, and must be men. And if a man is already 45 - once a year to visit andrologist (specialist in men's health) or a urologist is necessary. These inspections help to identify or prevent prostatitis (inflammation of the prostate), cancer, etc. and maintain men's health for years to come.

To the years of sexual attraction of partners to each other does not disappear, it will also have to try. To avoid losing a loved and loving person, which over the years can "get used to" in a relationship should be the period of active sexual and spiritual closeness, and periods of "rest" from each other. Do not promise, and do not require from a partner eternal love - this applies to both women and men. In the world there is nothing permanent, understand it and try to be happy here and now, and not hassle yourself how you will turn 10 years old. These years to start yet to be lived.

Do not tell everything about his previous relationship and his half do not ask her / him the same. Sexologists are advised to talk less about sex and more than they do. In intimate relationships, try to forget about her feminism or the position of "the rights of man, because he is - a man." To yield to the desires of the partner in sex, or play a role subordinate to - is very exciting. Of course, sex should be fun for both partners. Therefore, it is always important and it is necessary to negotiate, which does not want a partner, and for what reason. Do not block the sexual fantasies or his or partner. Sexologists have long shown that erotic fantasy - it is a natural and healthy component of sexual life of an adult.