Insomnia during pregnancy ambien

During pregnancy insomnia it is unfortunately not such a rare occurrence buy ambien online . It can be almost any shape: some women becomes restless night's sleep and often wake up in the night, the other long toss and turn from side to side, trying to get comfortable in bed, others very much worry about the child's welfare. The result, alas, one: poor sleep affects not only the mother but also the baby.

The causes of insomnia during pregnancy can be both psychological factors (anxiety about future changes in life), and the physiological: frequent urination, bloating, itching, pain, muscle pain, shortness of breath. Often interferes with sleep expectant mothers and the baby itself, intensely moving at night.

The first thing to remember to pregnant women who are trying to get rid of insomnia: strictly forbidden to take any sleeping pills, if they are not appointed to you doctor. They can greatly harm the health of the mother and child. Fortunately, there are a great number of security features to help deal with sleep disorders. By following some of these, you will be able to fully relax.

Try not to overwork, because not always fatigue causes drowsiness. Often it is it prevents relax in the evening.

Day of rest, no doubt, is very useful. But do not overdo it: a short nap for half an hour will give you much more energy than a long siesta.

Sometimes pregnant women nightmares that disturb them then the whole day. Do not keep everything to yourself: share your feelings with your loved one, friend or mother. They will help you to calm down, make sure that there is nothing to fear.

Do not forget about sports. Gymnastics for pregnant women not only prepare you for childbirth prosperous, but also help to relax in the evening, to get rid of muscle pain. Particularly useful are walking in the fresh air and swimming.

Try to get used to the idea that your bed is designed solely for sleeping. Read and watch TV better sitting in a chair.

In the evening, try not to overeat. You can satisfy your hunger and light food: low-fat crackers, honey and warm milk, fruit and herbal tea.

Before going to bed try not to overwork either physically or intellectually. Read a book, watch a good movie and relaxing. In the two hours before bedtime take a bath with the addition of herbal concoctions (valerian, linden, pine) or essential oils (chamomile, lavender).

In the evening is better to try to drink less, because at night it can cause frequent awakenings due to urination. To avoid itching, harassing women at night because of the stretch marks, smear the skin of the abdomen moisturizing cream or lotion.

It does not hurt at night and a light massage waist, legs and feet: it will help you relax and avoid muscle pain at night.

The atmosphere in the bedroom is also very important: make sure that the temperature is not too high or, conversely, too low. Wear pajamas made of natural fabrics. The same can be said about the bedding. Pick the most comfortable mattress and pillows are good. Usually, pregnant women need a minimum of three cushions to find the most comfortable position for sleeping.

The courses are taught pre-natal training women breathing exercises. Do it before going to bed: it will help you get rid of dyspnea, which so often prevents relaxation.

Do not try to force yourself to sleep, if sleep does not work for a long time - drink milk or herbal tea, read the newspaper and go when you feel drowsy. If you're a long time to lie in bed without sleep, you may experience disturbing thoughts and irritation, even more obstacles to proper rest.