How to stay healthy

Thomas Campbell, a physician and co-author of the bestseller "The China Study", offers a step by step plan for a two-week transition to healthy food according to the rules of whole plant-based diet with recipes and scientific substantiation for those who want to enjoy the new good habits and health

Consider: Scientists announced a new "medicine". It is scientifically proven that it guarantees the prevention of 95% of cancer cases, almost 100% of heart attacks and strokes, reversing severe heart disease and diabetes of the second type. It has side effects: ideal weight without risk and almost without effort; elimination of migraine headaches, acne, colds, flu, chronic diseases and intestinal disorders; improved vision and hearing, cure erectile dysfunction.

Such means do exist. This is not a brilliant vaccine, surgical instrument or a high-tech operation. This is a common plant food!

"Rats who ate less protein, more than running!" And then the teacher intervened. She said that I confused or rats, or numbers, and is actually a rat who have more protein in the diet, move more. I was small and did not understand why the teacher did not agree with my discovery. It was just wonderful - very caring, attentive, full of enthusiasm. One of my most favorite.

It's funny: I have almost no memory of the experiment, but for some reason I remembered as a teacher says that I messed up. But I definitely did not messed up! Such a nutritionally here is the first contradiction in my life. Then I did not know that this is my first lesson of reverence for human protein.

In a recent large study found that even if the two will consume the same amount of calories a person eats per day more than 250 grams of meat will be added every 5 years to 2 kg more than those who received the same calories from plant food. In addition, it was shown that red meat, meat products (ham, sausage, sausage, rolls, bacon and so on) and even Bird provides an increase in weight.

f you track the results, actions tend to become more efficient. When you know that you eat, all the omissions in mind and try to avoid them. According to the National Register of weight control, which marked the people who successfully lose weight and keep the results, those who ceased to be weighed, often stronger than gaining weight. If you are interested in weight loss, at least for some time record consumable products.

The better you are aware of what you eat, the more kilos can lose.

Promise yourself every time before you eat something harmful, you first need to eat something useful (for example, a piece of whole fruit). Then wait 15 minutes, and do yourself a favor. But most likely, the desire disappears.

Never before switching to whole plant-based diet was not so easy convenient and tasty. Just a few days of reading and a couple of weeks of practice will give you all the necessary skills to improve their health. And you simply must try the delicious palm cake that Thomas describes in recipes!