How to start a health

Health is closely linked to food and the environment, which directly affect the physical condition of the person, and it, in turn, is reflected in the mental, and emotional state medical. There is feedback to the sequence.

On the one hand, the degree of rationality (so to speak) determines what kind of world people will create around themselves than to fill it, it will eat itself - all this because in the end affects our own health.

On the other hand, the state of mind of the people - the emotions and feelings, feelings (the so-called "stress" or "nerves"), as well as beliefs, way of thinking ( "sick", "sore" imagination including) directly affect the well-being and the state of health. Even there was a separate area at the intersection of psychology and medicine, which is now known as "psychosomatic" or "metaphysics of diseases." There are many authors and books related to the topic, and the most significant among them (at least in my opinion) are the works of Valery Sinelnikov and Liz Bourbeau.

Where to start? .. It is hard to say. Probably, with the fact that you would be clearer and closer. Still, let's try something what sort together.

Health - a comprehensive index of quality of life. And the increase in the number of medical institutions (hospitals, dental clinics, private clinics), as well as the growth of the budget of health care financing, just points to a decrease of quality.

Moreover, the development and growth of a particular area of ​​medicine directly points to the problematic sphere of life, and with due attention any work not be traced the relationship and identify the causes of the problems. For example, an increase in the number of dentists and the development of this field of medicine refers to the scope of supply (part of the problem in it); the further course of thoughts and observations suggests that the problem, leading to the emergence of a large number of dentists is associated with an increase in the consumption of sugar, desserts, pastries, which are actively moving in the market. And on a par with the food becomes less physiological (rather fast and technologically) - nutrients fed enough, a lot of artificial and harmful ingredients and such (in carbonated, energy and other popular drinks, for example), which break down the nutrients in the body and disrupt his work.

Therefore, concern about health has to come from the man himself, he must have knowledge and ideas about what affects their health and to what extent, should listen to their true needs, be attentive and sensitive to their condition and know what help you can to provide for themselves and their loved ones.

All of the above leads to the fact that measures are needed to help everyone maintain their own health, and the measures to be taken already at level of education.