How to reduce blood sugar levels

Keeping blood sugar levels in the recommended level - it is a vital necessity for everyone who suffers from diabetes. For the sake of cherished figures spent huge money for insulin, blood glucose meters, test strips, glucose-lowering medications, visits to doctors and tests. Although the lion's share of these costs, and the problems can be eliminated by simply reviewing your diet. And most importantly - it is possible to significantly improve the quality of life, and believe me, you is quite capable metformin and alcohol.

In a low-carb diet has its own peculiarities and difficulties of getting used to, but your efforts will be rewarded handsomely. We do not promise that just a couple of weeks, even in type 1 diabetes you will be able to fully "get down" with insulin and forget it as a nightmare - such promises can give only irresponsible charlatans.

What diet helps lower blood sugar levels?

Most endocrinologists recommend to their patients to eat easily and diverse, do not overeat and do not eat sugar. Good advice, but if all diabetics understand correctly what the doctor meant by the word "sugar"? Experience shows that not all. This does not mean that you just can not put sugar in his tea and jam sweets. Hidden sugar is a huge number of products, and detect it with the naked eye can be difficult.

Not only is the sugar in the truest sense of the word carries with it a threat to diabetics. Starchy foods and in general any food rich in carbohydrates, cause the meter reading just rolls over.

When this happens, the poor man immediately stabs himself insulin preparations and drinks, carbohydrate neutralizing "impact". But such measures are fraught with a new disaster - bouts of hypoglycemia. The conclusion is obvious: it is necessary to try to keep blood sugar levels under constant control. And it can be done, only armed with a complete list of recommended and forbidden foods, and regularly using an accurate glucometer. Buy high-quality medical equipment for measuring blood sugar level - is the primary task! If the device is "lying", all your efforts to normalize the state of health will go down the drain.

When you go on a low-carb diet, a few days will be the first positive signs: blood sugar will gradually decrease and will stand at the recommended level. At this point, the main thing - not to relax and continue to follow the chosen diet.

First, the diet may seem meager and unusual, but most likely, it is simply because you are not used to prepare daily meals from a record low in carbohydrates. Believe me, wide range of ingredients will be, and then everything depends on your culinary imagination. In fact, there is only one objective reason not to move to a low-carb diet - a serious complication of the kidneys, which we will discuss below.

How do you know which foods increase your blood sugar?

If you have not tried this or that product, but, judging by the composition, it should come to you, to start the slide control testing. Eat just a couple of tablespoons, and then measure the blood sugar level after a quarter of an hour, and two hours later. Before that count on a calculator, a figure expected to grow device.

For the calculation you need to know:

  • Nutritional composition of the product (amount of protein, carbohydrate and fat per 100 g);

  • Weight eaten portion in grams;

  • On how many mmol / L increases generally have blood sugar levels because of the resulting carbohydrate;

  • On how many mmol / l is reduced you usually blood sugar levels after taking one unit of insulin.

Such testing is simply indispensable when you do not have credible data on the label or packaging factory absent. For example, fat cottage cheese, which is not contraindicated for diabetics, in principle, many people buy a hand in the grocery market. But this is a big risk, because competition forces grandmothers sweeten their product to make it tastier. A similar situation can occur when buying a ready-cabbage salad in a supermarket - sellers also often add sugar to.

Only armed with accurate data, it is possible to know whether the consequences of the use of a new product to your expectations. If the calculation results correspond well with the testimony of the meter, and the value of this testimony you are satisfied, you can safely expand the menu.