How to avoid intestinal infections

Summer, and even more so hot as the present, the traditional time to spike the number of gastrointestinal diseases caused by the invasion of the organism of various streptococci, staphylococci, salmonella and viruses. Spiteful bacteria actively multiply in the inviting waters, on the surface of delicious fruits, in any food, and wait-not wait for an excuse to attack the man. Protection against infection is quite capable to everyone, listen to simple tips buy amoxil online.

Dirty, muddy water of urban rivers and ponds, as well as any suspicious or proven reservoirs - not a place for swimming. Well, violation of sanitary restrictions, if they are known to swim, another word, except stupidity, and is difficult to call.

Escaping on a picnic, many take with a BBQ. To marinated meat Barbecue sufficiently enough to normally several hours. But then to not have been "excruciatingly painful" and uncomfortable in hot weather should increase the marinating time to a day or more. Having started the preparation of the final product, do not hurry, carefully roasted kebabs. It would be better burnt coals than intestinal infection.

Ruga with bazaar merchants of fruits and vegetables for each peach, apricot, or a bunch of grapes. Do not buy green products with the slightest signs of rot and even "slightly trampled down." Sidestep washed fruits and vegetables. Chances are that the water for the pre-sale preparation is taken from an unverified source. Do not grab the first early melons. Wait until they flooded the entire city. At the same time and save.

Wherever "came" Vegetables, fruits or berries to your table, always thoroughly wash them before eating or before placing in the refrigerator. Mandatory final stage of the cleaning process - rinsing in boiled water.

Ice cream - salvation from the heat, according to many. Security can only be dense frozen ice cream. Do not buy the melted pellets, as well as slightly trampled down, with signs of re-freezing.

Do not eat and do not buy ready-made food on the street, small retail outlets, kiosks, bazaars and random sellers. Give up the street fast food - Shawarma, sushi, Tat and pies, especially with meat or mushrooms.

Home cook food at a time and eat at once, "piping hot." While the food cools down, it is in full swing microbial growth. "Borsch from the refrigerator", if it was not just a warm up, and boil again.

For a drink, use freshly boiled water or water and beverages factory packaging. Before opening the bottle do not forget to wash it.

Replace the windows have mosquito nets. Each fly - a vehicle for thousands of microorganisms.

If, despite precautions, you are not lucky, do not hesitate to appeal for medical help. Intestinal infections occur suddenly. Among the symptoms - weakness, headache, nausea and vomiting, abdominal pain and diarrhea, chills and fever.

When the doctor away to help premedical priority measures - gastric lavage solution of soda (2%) or potassium permanganate (0.1%), artificially induced vomiting (two fingers in the mouth), a laxative or enema administration of activated charcoal (10 tablets).

In order to prevent dehydration, after gastric lavage and vomiting require excessive drinking - Warm sweetened tea, if there is - rehydron solution (bag of powder per liter of water).