How is diabetes

Each person in the blood contains sugar (or more precisely glucose) - a source of energy for the body. Normally, in the fasting blood sugar level ranges from 3.3 to 5.5 millimoles per liter with other units - 60-100 mg%. After eating, he can go up to 7.8 mmol / L (140mg%). it is also the norm. Constant also the rise in blood sugar levels above normal values ​​- a disease called diabetes januvia 100.

Where does the sugar in the blood? The main source - food carbohydrates, the other - reserves stored in the liver.

To sugar became energy to cells, it must pass from the blood therein. How does this happen? Special cells of the pancreas (beta cells) secrete the hormone insulin. As a kind of "key", it opens the body's cells, enabling them to enter the sugar from the blood. If this complex relationship is broken, the sugar in the cell does not arrive and has remained high in the blood.

The mechanisms of diabetes is very complex. There are 2 main types of it. Type 1 is associated with a genetic predisposition to the disease (ie, people born with it, although his family did not suffer from diabetes) and some external factor (eg, infection). In other words, there is no "key" and can only replace them externally administered insulin. In the 2nd type of disease inheritance plays an important role and being overweight.

Usually type 1 diabetes become ill before the age of 30 years, type 2 - Body weight after 40 patients with type 1 normal or reduced, 2nd type - often excessive. Type 2 diabetes is much more common and accounts for about 95% .In an unhealthy lifestyle (excess nutrition, low physical activity) observed an epidemic of diabetes type 2.

Unfortunately, diabetes often begins very quietly, and people know that he was sick quite by accident, a blood test for sugar. What signs indicate a large increase in blood sugar? Dry mouth, thirst, frequent urination, weakness, weight loss (at the 2nd type of illness may not be), increased appetite, poor wound healing, itching and dry skin.

A pronounced lack of insulin in the body can cause a diabetic coma, severe condition with loss of consciousness, life-threatening.

Every person suffering from excess weight, high blood pressure, especially having relatives with diabetes, it is necessary periodically to determine blood sugar.

Remember: in no case do not treat diabetes, folk remedies, and various food additives, with the help of psychic and other non-traditional methods. This is pointless and even dangerous!