Genetic depression

Genetic depression does exist and is fundamentally different from the usual, but psychotherapy can even cope with it. This optimistic news comes on March 29 online at Northwestern University. In an experiment on rats, scientists have shown that even genetically determined depression is treatable we recommend.

Rat genetic model of depression is similar to human, rats in this state, the increased levels of the same biomarkers. For the study used rats, artificially selected for behavioral signs of depression for 33 generations. Because people have such a strong genetic predisposition in real life is not observed, treatment of hereditary depression proven effectiveness in rats likely to be effective and to humans.

Genetically "depressive" rats were placed in cages with lots of toys, climbing structures and shelters - rat analogue therapy and sensory rooms unloading combined. After a month spent in the cage, the rats were placed in a tank of water, since the behavior of water - one of the most obvious indicators of depression in rats: normal rat actively swim and try to get out, that while the rats in the depression just apathetic drift on surface, making no attempt to escape. After the "therapy" genetically depressive rats behaved the same way as the control group rats.

As a result, it was concluded that genetic depression curable traditional methods and does not require genetic intervention. The study also investigated non-genetic depression associated with constant stress. It was found that the different types of depression, increased levels of various markers in the blood. This means that learning to distinguish between these two types of depression diagnosis stage, scientists can develop drugs and methods ihoterapii ps, more effective for each of them.