Fungal throat defeat

Throat Candidiasis (faringomikoz) is included in a group of diseases that lead to inflammatory fungal infection of the mucous membranes diflucan price. Pathogen - yeast fungi of the genus Candida (usually Candida Albicans), which are widespread throughout the environment. Candida always present on the healthy human body and inside the body (in the mouth, intestine) without causing damage to it. But there comes a "start-up" time, and the disease makes itself felt under unfavorable circumstances.

Candidiasis is often referred to as "thrush in the throat." The second title came because of the mouth of the patient during the pathology appears typical cheesy-white film, in which the doctor can almost accurately determine candidiasis. Most often, yeast includes not only defeat the throat, but airway inflammation primary divisions (larynx) and oral cavity, but can occur in isolation.

According to the degree of the throat thrush lesions can be superficial and deep. By type of activity of pathological process candidiasis can be acute or chronic.

Fungus in the throat of the disease may appear in person at any age. An important role in the development of pathology condition immunity plays: the normal immune system fungal diseases usually does not occur. Reduced immunity occurs after serious infectious diseases in HIV-infected patients with diabetes, etc.

Other reasons why a fungal infection in the throat in adults and the child begins to actively multiply and cause symptoms of inflammatory disease:

  • unmotivated or prolonged use of antibiotics;

  • abuse of local antiseptics, antibiotics for a throat;

  • receiving corticosteroids, chemotherapy;

  • exhaustion due to stress, insomnia, hard work;

  • beriberi, especially the lack of B vitamins;

  • Adverse operating conditions leading to a reduction of local immunity in the throat, larynx;

  • prematurity at birth, transferred to another hospital infectious disease;

  • congenital anomalies of the structure of the digestive tract;

  • lowering protection and regeneration rate mucosa mouth in the elderly;

  • oncological diseases;

  • burns of the mouth.

A newborn baby's throat and larynx defeat fungi Candida can occur if it is in contact with patients or carriers of the causative agent of the disease, with contaminated drinks, toys, or the passage of the baby through the birth canal. If you get a large number of yeasts may develop candidiasis throat.

Once there was a fungal infection in the throat, it affects the mucous membrane, which multiplies rapidly inhibits the normal processes of cell activity. Eventually Candida metabolites cause cell death in the area of the body and the development of chronic infection.

If the mushrooms in the throat having a child, which happens quite often, therapy selects only the doctor after the required examination. child diet should exclude sugar, yeast bread and all the products listed above. Fermented foods children eat may be, but in small quantities.

When a child is breastfed, this type of feeding should be continued. Before each feeding is necessary to sanitize the nipple and areola, and sterilized jars, baby nipples.

If necessary, enter in the course of therapy at a dosage systemic antifungals age. Also children necessarily used in the treatment of probiotics, vitamins, and immunomodulators. When difficult to treat yeast infection of the mouth and throat, the child should be carefully examined by the immunologist.