Endogenous depression

This term means quite a common mental disorder that is characterized by depressed mood, lethargy, slow thinking, extreme severity, and a long recovery period buy zoloft zoloft without prescription. Arriving in this state, a person is absolutely not able to lead a normal life, and to engage in employment.

The incidence of this condition is the same for both men and women. The risk group of middle-aged people.

Endogenous depression can occur as an independent disease, as well as being one of the manifestations of manic-depressive psychosis. These subtleties are found out in the course of a medical examination.

It is the most characteristic feature of endogenous depression. Companion of this symptom may be unwarranted sense of longing, mental worrying for no reason at all. People with endogenous depression associate their condition with the cargo, which put them on the chest. Under the influence of this trait significantly affected the perception of the surrounding world. Patients with endogenous depression perceive the world as black and white film.

Possible options for the daily mood swings, which are particularly clearly seen after the morning awakening.

Slow thinking
This condition is not controlled by a person, and is not dependent on its whims. In case of an emergency, such people do not change their speech and thinking speed. During slow thinking person is unable to quickly and accurately provide answers to questions, sometimes the memory is disturbed.

Along with the speech and mental retardation, such people is exacerbated by a sense of guilt, of remorse in combination with low self-esteem. Typical symptoms of this condition is a constant self-criticism, self-blame, hypochondriacal (confidence in the presence of the deadly diagnosis).

In severe cases may develop hallucinations, containing fragments of violent acts.

It is important to remember that a significant role in the treatment of depressive state is to create a favorable psychological environment in the immediate environment of man. Relatives and friends should treat with understanding to this state, and the maximum to protect such a person from the mental turmoil and stress situations.

There are cases when people with endogenous depression does not notice changes in their status, and can not help themselves on their own. In this case, the initiative must come from the inner circle of the person who is applying for medical assistance. It is timely detection of these changes depends on the effectiveness and timing of further treatment.

If a person has a tendency to depression, it should be avoided increased mental load, stick to a measured mode of the day, eliminate smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages, and observe a healthy diet.