Balanoposthitis - acute or chronic inflammatory disease that affects the head of the penis. In almost all cases, the process involves the foreskin. According to statistics, balanoposthitis affects about 3% of the uncircumcised men of all ages. For balanoposthitis characterized by pain and itching in the affected area (glans penis), inflammation and swelling of the foreskin viagra for men. Often as a result of inflammation of developing narrowing of the foreskin (phimosis). Balanoposthitis may also be complicated by urethritis and paraphimosis. Treatment is carried out by a urologist, it includes local and etiotropic (antifungal, antibacterial or antiviral) therapy. With the development of phimosis operation is shown.

Balanoposthitis - simultaneous involvement in inflammation of the foreskin and the glans penis. Clinically manifested by burning, itching, pain, swelling in the area of ​​the penis head, the appearance of redness, ulceration, cracks, purulent discharge. The inflammatory process can engage the urethra, leading to the appearance of urethritis. Long balanopostit current leads to a decrease in the sensitivity of the glans penis during intercourse, orgasm difficulty, adversely affect the potency and sexual health.

Usually balanoposthitis is infectious nature. Inflammation of the glans penis may be caused by non-specific microbial flora (steptokokk A and B, anaerobic cocci), pathogens, sexually transmitted infections (pale treponema, trichomonas, etc..). Sometimes balanoposthitis caused by viruses (human papilloma virus) and fungi (Candida).

Very rarely balanopostit develops without the participation of the infectious agent (allergic, toxic balanoposthitis).

Contributing factors that play a significant role in the development balanoposthitis are failure to comply with personal hygiene, diabetes, chemical irritants (detergents, lubricants), phimosis, pathological conditions accompanied by fluid retention in the body (kidney disease, liver cirrhosis, heart failure).

For balanoposthitis characterized by acute onset. Patients concerned about a burning sensation, itching and discomfort in the penis head. Develops swelling and redness of the foreskin. At the head of the penis appears dirty-white film, sometimes - melkopapuleznye rashes.

Acute balanoposthitis caused by non-specific infectious agent becomes chronic if the patient is not receiving adequate treatment and does not comply with the rules of hygiene. In the presence of severe comorbidities acute balanoposthitis has a pronounced tendency to chronicity. In addition, the process often takes a chronic character in the presence of sexually transmitted diseases (trichomoniasis, genital herpes, syphilis).

In chronic balanoposthitis patients complain of a burning sensation and pain in the affected area. The skin of the foreskin cracking, and shows the superficial erosions and ulcers. In marked inflammation can develop inguinal lymphadenitis. Over time, scarring of the foreskin leading to phimosis, which further aggravates the course of disease.

In patients suffering from balanoposthitis, phimosis often develops. In some patients, reduced the sensitivity of the glans penis atrophy due receptors. If you get an infection in the urethra urethritis is complicated by balanoposthitis. The most serious complication - paraphimosis, where the head of the penis infringed narrowed due to scarring of the foreskin.

Prevention is in compliance with the rules of hygiene, prevention of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases. In old age, preventive measure is early detection and adequate treatment of diabetes.