Allergic (atopic) asthma prednisone

The immune system protects the human body from contact with harmful bacteria and viruses. The allergy causes the body begins to fight with even harmless substances. This happens due to a fault in immunoglobulin production we recommend. The level in the blood rises and consequently increases the sensitivity to allergens by producing histamine .

Allergic asthma - the most common form of asthma, respiratory hypersensitivity expressed to certain allergens. Breathing an allergen, the body receives a signal stimulus, triggered a reaction of the immune system, resulting sharp contraction of muscles located around the airways. This process is called bronchospasm. As a result, the muscles become inflamed and the body starts to produce mucus thick and viscous enough.

Every person suffering from allergic asthma is experiencing approximately the same status as that of other types: deterioration of health due to strenuous exercise in cold air, after inhaling smoke, dust or noxious fumes.

Allergens are quite common in the environment, so it is important to identify the time range of the main irritants, thus preventing the aggravation of the symptoms and progression of the disease in a more severe form.

Allergic asthma in children

The manifestation of allergic asthma in a child can be in different age periods, but most often the disease affects the body of a child after one year of life. Allergic reactions of different etiology - a major risk factor.

Atopic asthma in childhood has the unpleasant feature - it can hide under the symptoms of obstructive bronchitis. Identify it by the number of asthma can be manifestations of the disease during the year. If bronchial obstruction appear more than four times a year - this is a serious reason to see a doctor or allergist-immunologist.

The specifics of the treatment of atopic asthma in children is the paramount importance of inhalation as the primary means. Such procedures not only help to eliminate the allergen that triggered the mechanism of the disease, but also increase the body's defenses.

The attack of allergic asthma

Under the attack of allergic asthma should understand such a reaction on the part of the human immune system, whereby in response to exposure to an allergen appears bronchospasm. That he is the attack itself, accompanied by a reduction in muscle tissue surrounding the airway. Because of this pathological condition muscles become inflamed and filled with a viscous thick mucus. This sharply limited supply of oxygen to the lungs.

To resolve the attack atopic allergy requires a range of activities. Primarily, they are directed to the withdrawal symptoms. Calm and relaxed state during the attack - a necessary component, if a person starts to worry and worry, it only compounded the situation. Slow breaths of fresh air (not cold), the horizontal position of the body will help to cope with a bout of atopic asthma in minutes.

The ideal is to have the drug inhaler. Its use quickly relieve the suffocating attack and will restore the work of the smooth muscles of the respiratory system.

Status asthmaticus. It is extremely dangerous for human life is a form of manifestation of atopic asthma, in which developing asthmatic condition, known as status asthmaticus. It is a long-term, not amenable to traditional treatment drugs, asthma, in which a person simply can not breathe the air. Develops a state with some stupefaction before his total loss. The total well-being is extremely difficult. The lack of appropriate treatment can lead to disability and even death.