ABC of modern weight loss

To date, most of the methods of weight reduction based on various combinations of diet and exercises. Many people between diet and starvation equate. We sit on a diet, often indulging in the most needed products. Only in recent issues of physiology, biochemistry and psychology have been studied so deeply, that allowed the introduction of new components in the package of measures aimed at weight loss, to create an almost perfect strategy to combat slishnim weight we recommend. One such modern weight loss programs is integral modeling of the body, based on high technology and unique jewelry techniques of working with the human body. The whole weight loss process from beginning to end is controlled by experienced specialists. The program of weight loss and body shaping are selected individually for each patient, taking into account its physical, physiological and psychological data.

What is the integral modeling of the body? Diet, but not identical to starvation, and the equivalent proper food intake. In recent years, the West has been developed and widely used psychotherapeutic correction of appetite and diet. To balance the human eating habits and normalize the volume of consumable products they use mild hypnosis. In this procedure, it is psychoregulation - the basis of the formation of the priorities of the table. Most importantly, the style of food, adjusted in a similar way, helps to restore the metabolism and speed up the weight loss process.

If proper diet limits the number of calories consumed, the exercise provides their spending. In contrast to conventional charging or fitness modeling exercises can not only contribute to the fight against excess weight and centimeters, but also give your body the forms of which you dream. The program includes manual methods of figure correction, increasing the useful impact of ongoing efforts in five or six times. A very important component of the integrated body simulations are measures to stimulate the metabolism, remove toxins from the body, as well as the normalization of pressure.

The equipment used in this procedure - the unique health center, comprising:

-anotron - setting for the output of harmful substances from the body, strengthen and rejuvenate tissues. This device affects mineral metabolism at the cellular level. Due to its effects improves skin color, wrinkles, stabilizes pH-balance of the skin and tissues;

barotsiklon - chamber for training and rassklerozirovaniya vessels. The most important result of the passage of the health policy of this unit is a deep cleansing of pressure vessels and normalization. The device uses the principle of pneumomassage that has beneficial effects on every capillary in the human body;

-Massage complex, allowing to carry out various kinds of effective massage, which accelerates the process of losing weight .With the help of special devices perform deep tissue massage that promotes the splitting inveterate fat deposits. Turbine massage used in problem areas that arise in men and women after puberty. integral body simulation program includes a hand massage. Point and segmental methods affect certain areas of the body to normalize digestion and metabolism. Manual plastic will help polish your figure and give it a perfect shape.

However, the most important component of a modern integrated weight loss program is the experience of doctors. Only a specialist who is familiar with the methodology of the integral body modeling, can determine what course you appoint to achieve the desired effect.

So, dear women, grow thin with the mind, and the result is a meaningful fight against excess weight, you will see for yourself.