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Sex became a closed chapter, not to be talked or written about. As a consequence, young people often pick up wrong information about sex from the media, or from schools and colleges or from ignorant parents and friends. The Delhi student got the information from his cook! Even in medical colleges until recently, teachers did not touch sex with a barge-pole. For instance, when I was a house surgeon at Bombay's Sir J.J. Hospital, a professor who wanted to lecture on masturbation was not given permission. When all the students protested and insisted that they wanted the lecture, the Dean reluctantly agreed. The lecturer concluded with the statement, 'Ninety-nine per cent of young men masturbate and the remaining one per cent are liars.' The Dean looked shocked and asked, 'Do you suggest that even I masturbate?'
This was the state of knowledge up to 1944 in one of the premier medical colleges of India. The lecture, however, inspired me to study the neglected subject of sex and sexuality in great detail and it has been a very rewarding experience, as sexual inadequacy is increasing at an alarming rate in the Stress Century. Even today our medical schools and colleges turn out doctors whose teachers never taught them anything about sexuality or sex. Is it any wonder that the unfortunate family physician has no knowledge of treating sexual dysfunction, leaving the field wide open for quacks and charlatans to make a fortune? The incidence of psychogenic impotence and sexual inadequacy is directly proportional to the increasing prevalence of stress disorders such as heart attacks, bronchial asthma, high blood pressure and emotionally induced illnesses.
In the West, after the Second World War, two important events resulted in the creation of a sexual explosion and the permissive society. Firstly, during the War, women worked side by side with men. After the War, they were no longer content to be second-class citizens but demanded equality with men. The result: the liberated female of today. Secondly, with the advent of the female contraceptive 'pill', the fear of pregnancy disappeared; .Like her male counterpart, the modern eve was at liberty to indulge in free sex. Virginity and the intact hymen were laughed upon as relics of a conservative Victorian era..
The impact of these violent changes in Western societies have had a marginal impact on our sexual norms. Recently, some schools have started teaching the anatomy of the sexual organs in their biology classes. A few magazines have articles on sex and a handful amongst the 'in crowd' have pre-marital sex. The intact hymen, considered of no consequence by Western girls, is still eagerly sought after by almost all Indian bridegrooms as an erroneous proof of his bride's virginity. In other words, the intact hymen has no value in Western societies but in our culture it is as precious as guinea-golda sign of sexual purity!
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