14 tips on how not to gain weight

All of us adore the holidays. But fun gatherings at the table, which sometimes last several days the day will inevitably affect our figure. Can we avoid this? Can cures buy xenical online! Use these tips and you will pass a festive marathon without any losses.

Tip 1
Dairy foods that you eat, must be low-calorie. This will allow to reset to 1 kilogram per month.

Tip 2
Neobhoidmo to get rid of the habit of eating something delicious at night. This condoning fraught with low blood sugar in the morning. So sweet and salty at night is better not to eat. Limit handful of almonds, a glass of milk or light yogurt.

Tip 3
Almost any product contains fat. But for the benefit of our body need only one tablespoon of vegetable oil per day. In addition, contained in many products, trans fats are extremely harmful to the heart. Therefore, it is better not to buy fat cheeses, sweet pastries and cream. Much more useful would be bread cereal and low-fat cottage cheese.

Tip 4
Probably many of us have heard that the water flushes toxins from the body and replenish fluids. In addition, it helps to lose weight. Nutritionists believe that overeating contributes not hunger, and dehydration. Start each meal with a glass of water. And between meals, drink 8 glasses a day.

Tip 5
Do not expose yourself to stress during the holidays. These efforts should be only joy. Surviving, we swallow food, to allow air into the stomach, causing bloating and discomfort.

Tip 6
For a snack ideal nuts, dried fruit or a handful of Mandarin. Nuts help to satisfy hunger quickly, mandarin energizes and dried rid of the annoying desire to eat something sweet and harmful.

Tip 7
Speaking of sweet, it is more useful bitter chocolate with the highest cocoa content. It protects the heart and elevates mood. In addition, if you allow yourself to eat a few squares a day, you lose weight it will not add.

Tip 8
Very well, if you're at home all the cooking with onions and garlic. They successfully break down fat, so the extra weight you are threatened to a lesser extent.

>Tip 9
Avoid large weight fluctuations. Risk of heart disease increases if you are losing weight before the holiday, sharply back to the previous weight or even more typing.

Tip 10
A festive table in no case do not need to starve. You can try everything, such as cakes from ruspay, but gradually. And the most important stop on time.

Tip 11
Once or twice a week is helpful to eat a good piece of baked fish, cooked with herbs and spices.

Tip 12
Be sure to breakfast. Start the day with oatmeal or muesli with yogurt. Flakes Fill fresh orange juice, rich in vitamin C, which helps to absorb iron.

Tip 13
Say a firm "no" white bread. Those who eat it, have a more complete waist.

Tip 14
After a fun night will feel better a glass of warm water with lemon juice, honey and a teaspoon of powdered ginger. This cocktail will soothe the stomach, relieve headache and thirst.